We also offer Groom’s Cakes with limited customization that can be ordered along with your wedding cake!  We typically do not make highly-detailed cakes with elements such as fondant work, 3D sculpting, or modeling since we are devoting the majority of our time and attention to making your wedding cake perfect.

Delivery is not available for Groom’s Cakes during the week. Our primary focus on these days is working in the kitchen making sure every detail of your wedding cake is perfect!  If you are planning on serving the Groom’s Cake at the reception, we are happy to deliver it along with your wedding cake.  Groom’s Cake orders can be picked up from the Cake Cottage any time during the week.

Feel free to email us with any questions you may have and we are happy to discuss your ideas!  We typically take on one or two Groom’s Cake orders each week, so space is limited.  Please contact us early to reserve your order along with your wedding cake!